Vendetta Launchpad



— Overview

The Vendetta Launchpad propels the next generation of WEB3 projects into the stratosphere via an open application for anyone with an idea for an NFT game or dApp.  We will be assessing all applications and choosing 50 of them to provide grants, technical support, and marketing. 

— Launchpad Highlights

  • No gas needed for developers to create NFTs
  • Customized NFT creation tool
  • Access to already established community
  • No gas needed for marketplace transactions
  • One wallet/access point to all games (meaning any user from any game can join yours)
  • High volume marketplace with advanced features
  • 4/7 support with NFT creations, game development, and community reach.
  • Access to your own  gas-free, non-crypto NFT engine that allows you to create any NFT with the metadata you choose called Agora.
  • Technical and development support
  • Introductions to our gaming development partners
  • Marketing, initial NFT sale rounds, promotions, and access to our large community.

— Looking Ahead

Vendetta is now at a stage ready to expand to more games, more users, and more third-party developers.