Vendetta Guild

MEMBERS – +800


— Overview

The Vendetta Guild is the heart and soul of the ecosystem. It offers one of the most attractive scholarship opportunities in the metaverse. We work with the best developers to create a lending platform that makes it easy for the player and safe for the asset owner. The Vendetta Scholarship Program is entirely trustless and decentralized.

— Guild Highlights

  • Large audience to play our games
  • Create passive income for asset owners
  • Launch new games
  • Esports Tournaments
  • Host AMAs
  • 5 games played

— Looking Ahead

The gaming guild provides a myriad of benefits to the economy of VendettDAO.  Not only does it provide an immediate source of revenue via our p2e gaming community, it also provides tremendous leverage when developing strategic partnerships with other web3 projects. For those looking for more information on the Vendetta Guild, please visit out whitepaper by clicking on the link above.  For gamers and scholars looking to join up, please email us via the contact page on this website.