Chalk River

METAVERSE – Wild West Theme
STYLE – General


— Overview

Live by the gun, die by the gun…Chalk River is an arid wasteland with nothing but scorpions and outlaws.

Ever since gold was discovered, the territory has been overrun with every type of hired gun, wildcatter, card cheat, and carpetbagger west of the Mississippi.

— Game Highlights

  • Free to Play & Play to Earn
  • PC & Android
  • Earn $VDT Token
  • Collect NFTs
  • Esports Tournaments
  • Scholarship program

— Game Metaverse

The Chalk River metaverse is loaded with natural resources for those brave enough to blast them out.  The town of Chalk River was erected shortly after the discovery of the mine.  The local inhabitants  created a guild to protect the town and themselves against the hostile forces hellbent on taking over the town and the mine.  

To survive in this territory you need to be tough and you need to know how to shoot.  Often one is the key to the other.